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Christmas Divertimento (2013)
Divertimento fragment YouTUBE 65''00'

Performers: Alexei Utkin

State Chamber Orchestra of Russia
Moscow Boys Choir
Andrey Rubtsov - conductor

Press quotes:

"Fascinating piece of music where movements follow each other resembling a kaleidoscope - each with its own character; this mix of styles is perceived as something organic and musical themes stick to one's memory on the fly. Rubtsov's music is sharp and nearly movie-like in its imagery while powerful drive seem to have trasformed musicians of the orchestra."
'Trud' newspaper, 16.01.2014

"People were enchanted by the music. Andrey Rubtsov created an outstanding full-scale piece. "
'Moskovskaya Pravda' newspaper, 20.01.2014

"We'd go so far as to guess that Andrey Rubtsov's Christmas Divertimento will enjoy long and happy stage life. And might it not oneday take its place in 'Christmas Classics' section?"
'Komsomolskaya Pravda' newspaper, 19.01.2014

"Andrey Rubtsov created luminous and vivid composition. Main theme is very good indeed: melody with a long breath, fresh and serene - representing the Christmas itself." magasine 21.01.2014

"The best Christmas gift for children and adults alike."
'Vechernyaya Moskva' newspaper, 08.01.14

Interview for Orfey - Classical Music Radio Station

Introduction & Scherzo for Violin and Strings (2013)
Introduction & Scherzo YouTUBE 8''00'

Performers: Maryana Osipova - Violin
Andrey Rubtsov - Conductor

Music Universiade Festival Orchestra

Also performed regularly in Violin & Piano version.

Poem for Small Orchestra (2012)
Poem YouTUBE 10''30'

Performers: Slobodkin Centre Chamber Orchestra,
Ilya Gaisin, conductor

Andrey composed piece for a Mozart-sized orchestra, kind that does not receive enough attention from contemporary composers.

Roses of Heliogabalus for Baroque Oboe, Bansuri & String Orchestra (2012)
Roses of Heliogabalus YouTUBE 17''15'

Performers: Alexei Utkin - Baroque Oboe
Pavel Novikov - Bansuri
State Chamber Orchestra of Russia

Double Concerto for Baroque Oboe, Bansuri & String Orchestra is a commission from Moscow Philharmonic Society.

London Concertino for Flute and Strings (2010)
I. Largo YouTUBE 6''30'
II. Romanza YouTUBE 6''05'
III. Vivo alla breve YouTUBE 4''30'

Performers: Adrianne Greenbaum, Flute

Soloists of Orchestra New England, Jim Sinclail - Conductor

Commissioned by Adrianne Greenbaum, who performed it in New Haven, Connecticut. Members of Orchestra New England were conducted by Jim Sinclair.

To be published in 2014 in USA.

Music available on ScoreExchange.

'I still keep mute' for high soprano and string orchestra (2009)

Commisioned by Julia Kogan and based on Vladimir Nabokov's early poem. First performance took place in December 2009 in St. Petersburg with St. Petersburg Chamber Philharmonic and Jeffery Meyer (conductor). Later the piece was recorded for Virgin Classics in the end of 2011.

Sisters for string quartet (2009)
Sisters YouTUBE 2''15'

Performers: Scerzo-quartet

This tiny fragment was arranged for a string quartet from the music of the ballet 'Wind Kiss', written earlier for a chamber scene of the Bolshoi Theatre.

Four bagatelles for wind quartet (2007)
Four bagatelles YouTUBE 10''00'

Performed by: Fourtissimo Wind Quartet
Performed in Wigmore Hall, London, UK. May 2012

I. Allegro Vivo

II. Valse

III. Small Pastorale

IV. Allegretto Giocoso

Four little stylisations for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon. An attempt to repeat the success of Three Moods. This time without the French horn.


Music available on ScoreExchange.

RNO Overture (2009)

Miniature overture (only 4 minutes long) was commissioned by Russian National Orchestra for a chamber concert in honor of patrons of the orchestra in the Spencer House, London.

Concertanta for wind quintet with the orchestra (2008)

Fl, Ob, Cl, Fg, C-no - soli, percussion (one player) ad libitum, Archi. Slow first movement with candenzas of wind instruments is contrasted with the energetic Finale. Total duration - around 16 minutes.

Program Dances for string sextet (2006)

I. Word Play
II. In Excelsis
III. Intentional Future

The piece has been commissioned by Russian National Orchestra in honor of Charles Simonyi - famous computer software developer, one of the first developers of "Word" and "Excel".

Premier performance took place in New York City. Performers - Tatyana Porshneva, Ekaterina Tzareva (violins), Sofia Lebed, Ksenia Juleva (violas), Olesya Gavrikova, Svetlana Vladimirova (cellos).

Elegy in memory of Paul Klebnikov for the string orchestra (2006)
Elegy YouTUBE 6''50'

Alexandr Vedernikov, Russian National Orchestra

Elegy is a commission from the Russian National Orchestra for the memorial concert in Saratov.

Kultura newspaper wrote: "Program in Saratov has been opened by the world premiere of Elegy in memory of Pavel Khlebnikov by Andrey Rubtsov - composition marked with poetry and inspiration and reveales appropriate continuity with national classic."

Marbella Fantasy for Flute, Oboe & Piano (2004)
Marbella Fantasy YouTUBE 8''20'

Performers: Maxim Rubtsov,

Andrey Rubtsov, Svetlana Tarnoruzkaya

Marbella Fantasy was performed first in Marbella, Spain in August 04. This piece has got big cadenzas, slow section with cantilena and main allegro section with demanding passages and time changes.


Marbella fantasy has received its U.S. premiere when Allegresse performed it as part of a recital Sunday at Grace Episcopal Cathedral (Flutist Annie Gnojek, oboist Margaret Marco and pianist Ellen Bottorff). Later second performance took place at Swarthout Recital Hall, Lawrence, Kansas. Performance has been aired.


Kansas Public Radio said: "Some of the most beautiful music written for these instruments ever. Shows a complete understanding of the instruments."


Music available on ScoreExchange.

Concerto for Oboe and strings (2003)
Concerto for Oboe YouTUBE 17''00'

Performers: Russian National Orchestra
Soloist: Andrey Rubtsov, Conductor: Alexei Bruni

I. Rondo
II. Larghetto
III. Burlesca


Concerto delicated to Alexei Utkin. Recording above is from premiere performance with Russian National Orchestra concert in Vrubelevsky hall of State Tretyakov Gallery.


In March 2006 Concerto received its premiere in USA by Richard Woodhams, 1st Oboe with the Philadellphia Orchestra and Philadelphia Classical Symphony. Concerto published by TrevCo Music publishing house.


Music available on ScoreExchange.

Andante Dolente & Scherzo for 2 cellos and string orchestra (2005)
Andante Dolente & Scherzo YouTUBE 15''00'

Performers: Ruslan Biryukov, cello, Maksim Velichkin, cello
Mikael Avetisyan, conductor
, Glendale Philharmonic Orchestra
January 9th,2010 Glendale, California

Premier took place at the evening concert at Verbier Music Festival delicated to music for 2 Cellos and orchestra.

Divertimento in E for flute and string quartet (2002)
Divertimento YouTUBE 12''35'

Performers: members of UBS Verbier Festival Youth Orchestra

Yevgeny Faniuk, Maria Borozina, Sayaka Takeuchi,

Jakub Grabe-Zaremba, Judith McIntyre.
Verbier, Switzerland, 2002

"Russian Thought" newspaper, 11.09.2003

"At the end of the program of 26 of July there was a premiere performance of "Divertimento" for flute and string quartet by Andrey Rubtsov. Interesting piece of 20 years old composer received an enthusiastic welcome. After the concert he gave an interview for "Russian Thought"..."

Premiere of "Divertimento" took place at Verbier Musical Festival, Switzerland, followed by a numerous performances in Russia and USA (Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco).


Music available on ScoreExchange.

Three Moods for woodwind quintet (2002)
Three MoodsYouTUBE 11''00'

Performers: RNO Wind Quintet

I. Void
II. Sadness
III. Frivolity


"Three Moods" was created in 2002, soon after Andrey Rubtsov joined the Russian National Orchestra Wind Quintet. The composition was heavily influenced by Rubtsov's in-depth knowledge of a broad repertoire of works for quintets and became, probably, the most successful work of composer.

Besides many performances by RNO wind quintet in Russia, Spain, USA, in Bermuda (Bermuda music festival) it was included in concert programms of 16 other wind ensembles who performed it in Brasil (Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet), Russia, China, Lithuania, England (Gallimaufry ensemble, Bellavente Wind Quintet), Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria (Adi's Quintet), Spain (Ciudad de Soria), Venezuela (Ad Libitum quintet), Morocco (Arirang-Quintett), and California (GreatNotes, Vent au Rogue).


“Frivolity” inspired Bermudean choreographer Conchita Ming to create a dance for three performers for Bermuda Festival 2003. "Three Moods" has been recorded by PentaToneClassics for release on a forthcoming CD featuring the Russian National Orchestra Wind Quintet.

"Three Moods" has been published by TrevCo Music publishing house.


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Flowers of the Sun for four flutes (2001)
Flowers of the SunYouTUBE 13''00'

Performers: Syrinx flute quartet

Quartet for 4 flutes was commissioned by Syrinx flute ensemble and premiere performance took place in Rakhmaninov hall of Moscow state conservatory. Later it was performed in Odessa, Ukraine, USA, the Netherlands.


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Two pieces for viola and piano (2003)
Two pieces in version for ViolinYouTUBE 13''00'

Performers: Ivan Peshkov (Violin), Olesya Tutova (Piano)

I. Adagio Soave

II. Scherzo


Premier performance took place at chamber music concert series of Verbier Musical Festival, Switzerland (Sofia Lebed - Viola, Paruaz Salimov - Piano).

In November 2004 Adagio Soave from "Two pieces for Viola and Piano" became #1 in Top scores voted for by visitors on SibeliusMusic - the largest collection of new scores on the Web, containing more than 36.000 compositions.


Music available on ScoreExchange.

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